Adapting Loyalty Cards to new technologies
to facilitate customer engagement.




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What We Did

UX and Visual, Interface, APP
Development, Integration OCR solution

The Loyalty Card that we always carry in our pocket.

When resources are limited no choice but to take imagination, research technologies and evaluate the best options to meet the objectives. The client was not a mega record label company that could afford to spend large sums of money so that maximum resources were optimized to get the best at the lowest possible cost. That’s the difference between us and other agencies if there is a problem we like to find solutions, and in this case we choose Open Source technologies.


We find solutions to our ideas

The idea of being able to scan an invoice to automatically add the points to the customer’s account is undoubtedly the most remarkable feature of this project, but is it feasible to turn an idea into a real tool? Before you can define what will or will not the app must find solutions to the problems of our ideas, and based on our research, scanning was not only possible but also the technology was at our fingertips, but required specific development .


Easier said than done all way to go, and especially when the best idea to use a tool requires a preliminary investigation to assess its feasibility.

It is our mission therefore previously investigate whether our proposals are feasible or not, and if so find the answers to the necessary technology to produce the results expected by our customers.

Search Specialist

Sometimes it happens that we are not experts in a specific technology, but that never stops us. When a project requires specialists, we seek the best talent available across the globe to add the most appropriate profile for each project to be part of the team, always keeping to the requirements and budget of the client.


In every project we do the result is always what customer expects from us. When a project is finished, before delivery we always perform quality tests to make sure that the proposed tool does what it is intended to be done.

Our quality team does not rest until verifying that technological development is indeed adequate.

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