Transforming a local business, in Miami,
into a digital business for the whole U.S.A.




The Consultant Group

What We Did

UX-UI, visual, Naming, Branding and Development

Adapting the traditional Printing to the online world.

The Printers Consultant is a company that provides printing services in Miami belonging to the Consultant Group. To date his online presence was limited to a simple corporate site, but its ambition to grow into whole country was going through raise a different brand strategy and a new way to sell their products. The client hired us to create not only its online platform as part of their business but to start from scratch a new identity adjusted to the vision of a purely web environment marks. It all started thinking about the naming, for what we set


We take charge of shaping your online presence

Having a good online presence is not only linked to a suitable proposal for user experience and search engine optimization or make massive promotional campaigns. The name of the service and / or product is also key and this must be consistent with a good choice of the domain, which is increasingly complex in its modality .com. From Online Ambassadors also we seek solutions for online business names and in this case we chose Printians because not only identifies the specific business model but also for its evocation of the concept of people who have something in common.

Naming & Domain

A domain name is essential to creating engagement and facilitate direct traffic to your online business. Domain should be simple, memorable, recognizable without possible confusion when writing it in the browser. Does that sound sure of is it spelled with a “T” or two? A bad name can represent losing potential clients because they do not remember how your web writing. We are experts in online and Naming domain registrations, including .Com where possible, impossible as it may seem.

Brand Identity

We are also experts in creating unique and memorable identities brand, specially designed for use in web environment Online Ambassadors.

Our brand identities are so unique that even design your logo typography letter by letter to facilitate your brand exclusivity and easy recognition of it.

We create Branding, really.

e-Commerce Strategy

Every online business requires a specific strategy because not all e-Commerce are online stores.

Do You know what Uber and Amazon have in common ? Both are e-Commerce!

In Online Ambassadors we design and develop models of e-Commerce according to their characteristics and needs. In Printians not only we develop the catalog and the form of payment, also a tool for designing online what you want to print.

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