Para apreciar un cuadro y decidirte
a comprarlo o no, propusimos mostrarlo
enmarcado y colgado en una pared.





What We Did

Art Direction, Interaction
UX, Interface

New Platform to Buy and Sell Art.

ARTPOP is a new platform exclusively mobile, born to facilitate convergence of artists and art buyers whose purpose is not collecting, but the decoration of spaces. Based on this premise we defined two fundamental aspects that ARTPOP should undertake: On the one hand offer the prospective buyer the ability to simulate how a painting would look in a real environment space, and secondly, to give more value to the Painting, show it framed and on the wall.


Wall Visualizer

When ArtWork for sale you like, easily visualize how would look on that wall you have in mind and you would like to decorate.

Touch the screen and drag

When you’re looking at paintings, and you like one of them but do not know how it would look on the wall of your house with your current decor. At that time it is when you would like to try before you buy and that’s what we did with ARTPOP, Creating the Wall Simulator feature that allows that, by simply touching painting’s image with your finger!


By keeping your finger pressed on the painting, this will move as a separate element on the screen, at the top, There would be an area where to drop painting to access the Wall Simulator. Everything you can do with one finger, immediately, on the spot, so do not waste time in thinking about at how the painting would look at home, in the office or where you thought hanging.


The Wall Simulator will open using the back camera of your smartphone or tablet, letting you see on the screen the place you direct the camera. Also on the screen you will see the painting you chose positioned so that simulates quickly as would be hung on the point you’re aiming the camera of your device. Once you have selected the right place, you can make a picture to view later all tests you have done and decide which painting to buy.

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